“Wait Until Dark” by Frederick Knott
Auditions: Mon., Feb. 5 and Wed., Feb. 7, both at 7:00 PM
at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Cast: 4-6 men and 1-3 women, all adults; 1 girl, aged 8 to 12 years, or so
Directed by Larry Moss
Performances: April 13, 14, 15, 20, 21
Questions: call (616) 754-8207

First on Broadway in 1966, the play involves a lone woman who is the victim of a complex criminal plot.

The action focuses on Susy, who unwittingly becomes trapped in the center of a dangerous con game. Three criminals cleverly convince her that her husband Sam is the prime suspect in a theft and murder, and that she must help them find the key to his innocence, a doll which, unbeknownst to Susy, contains smuggled heroin.

Finding the doll and suspecting the men are not who they claim to be, she refuses to hand it over. Susy realizes she needs to force the bad guys to play by her rules…in the dark! Oh, did I mention that Suzy is blind? What follows is one of the most tension-filled scenes in modern theatre.