Thank you to our wonderful community!!

We are still in awe of the outreach the Flat River Community Players has received over the loss of our storage building that held most of our costumes, props, and set accumulated for about 45 years. We lost everything that was in that building on December 2, 2019.

We have received many kinds words, monetary amounts, offers to help build sets, and donations of costumes and props. Our hearts are filled with joy over all the generosity. Currently, we are still trying to find a new building to store all of these. It is tricky to find a clean, dry place that is secure and safe while not too expensive for a non-profit organization. So it may be a little while longer before we find something.

Please feel free to contact us if you have connections for a building for us. We will later begin accepting donations when our building is found.

5 responses to “Thank you to our wonderful community!!

  1. I have a large collection of clothing from the 70/80’s that is brand new but stored some time in a home basement.. The home is going up for sale and the clothing must be removed. I think there are many, many items you would like to use. We would like to extend them to you. Do you have a storage place yet? Please contact me to discuss. Call Pam, 989-831-8887. Thanks!


    • Thank you for asking about Escanaba in the Moonlight. Because of the COVID19, we are not able to create a date for the performance. We are certain it will be performed. We just don’t know when.


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