FRCP Masketeers for Saryn

FRCP & friends are so gracious for their community since the fire, they want to give back to them in return.

We have a precious little girl, Saryn, that is inspiring them to make masks to keep her and so many others that are at risk of getting sick from the COVID-19 and possibly dying.

We have a free pattern along with instructions for anyone to use. People do not have to be a seamstress to help. Would you consider helping Saryn?

We are looking for donations of 100% cotton material and t-shirts that can be new or used that will be cut into strips for making the ties for the masks. We need others to just do some cutting. Cutting the strips of t-shirts, cutting out the material with the pattern, cutting pipe cleaner or aluminum jewelry wire. And of course, we need seamstresses to sew.

So, you can see there is more than just sewing. 🙂 We are planning on donating these masks for the general public. We will have places for the masks to be donated along with the same places left as a drop off for donated material.

Along with fabric for masks, feel free to begin filling our lost costumes with some specific things we are looking for currently. We are collecting unique clothing items, uniforms, wedding dresses, formals, and other vintage clothing. Please place donations in plastic bags at drop off sights that will be listed soon.

Here is a link for the pattern and instructions.



We have an additional Facebook page with more details, if you are interested. Please consider donating your time or material. Also please, where a mask when social distancing is not possible. If not for you, wear it for Saryn.

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